Digital Audio Production

Students will learn the fundamentals of audio theory and then quickly proceed to hands-on interaction with the hardware and software tools commonly used in the industry.

Pixel Blue College's Digital Audio Production Program is designed to educate students in modern audio production techniques. Students will learn the fundamentals of audio theory and then quickly proceed to hands-on interaction with the hardware and software tools commonly used in the industry.

Students must display exceptional work ethic and be passionate in their commitment to learning. An intensive classroom environment is created with emphasis on Real World Education. While musical expertise is an asset, it is not essential for the student to be accepted into the program. No prior knowledge is assumed.

NEXT START DATE:  March 15, 2017





  • + DAP100 Audio Production Theory

    Focuses on the theoretical aspects of how sound works and understanding digital audio production and technology.

    DAP100.00 Intro to Mac

    DAP100.01 Physics of Audio

    DAP100.02 Perception of Audio/ Psycho Acoustics

    DAP100.03 Introductory to Music Theory

    DAP100.04 Ear Training

    DAP100.05 Frequency Training

    DAP100.06 Timbre Training

    DAP100.07 Interval Training

    DAP100.08 Principles of Midi

    DAP100.09 Midi Productions

    DAP100.10 Digital Audio Technology

    DAP100.11 Modern Recording Techniques

  • + DAP200 Digital Audio Production

    Focuses on the essential tools of music production including, but not limited to, audio production consoles, microphones, digital audio workstations, music production software, FX processing and mixing.

    DAP200.01 Digital Audio Workstation Overview

    DAP200.02 Avid Pro Tools

    DAP200.03 Apple Logic Studio

    DAP200.04 Steinberg Cubase

    DAP200.05 Propellerhead Reason

    DAP200.06 Digital Audio Editing

    DAP200.07 Recording & Music Production Techniques

    DAP200.08 Computer Music Production

    DAP200.09 Signal Processing

    DAP200.10 Dynamics Processing

    DAP200.11 Equalization

    DAP200.12 Delay and Reverberation

    DAP200.13 Modulated FX and Non-Delay FX

    DAP200.14 Pitch Correction

    DAP200.15 Mixing

    DAP200.16 Mastering

    DAP200.17 Building a Modern Digital Studio

    DAP200.18 Business Plan

  • + DAP300 Multimedia Production

    Focuses on sound design for visual media including animation, film, television and the Internet.


    DAP300.01 Sound Design

    DAP300.02 Synthesis
    (subtractive, additive, granular, FM and other types of synthesis)

    DAP300.03 Sampling & Digital Sound Manipulation

    DAP300.04 Post Production Sound for Visual Media

    DAP300.05 Portfolio Development


    The Digital Audio Production Diploma Program Curriculum also includes 20hrs of Career Development, with Pixel blue College’s Employment Specialist.


     * Curriculum subject to change without notice

The tuition for the Digital Audio Production Diploma Program is $15,995 CAD. This covers the costs of in-class instruction, the use of a personal computer, all the required course materials, including textbooks and full access to our facilities 24 hours a day.



Aboriginal students may qualify for additional funding or aid. Please contact us or one of the organizations below for more information.



  • + iMac

    Apple's primary desktop computer. The iMac is an "all-in-one" that houses the computer and drives within the flat panel monitor case. The Core i5 iMac provides the raw horsepower and sleek functionality sought by creative professionals and power users.

  • + Reaper & Logic with Steinberg CI1 Hardware

    This is the most powerful and easiest platform to produce professional-sounding music. Tap the creative power of Reaper and Logic software to compose and record your ideas; then, edit and mix your music using the very same tools that commercial studios rely on to deliver Grammy Award–winning productions.

  • + Reason

    We use the most current version of Reason which gives you one-step loading of complex, customizable instruments and effect setups, a new instrument-packed soundbank, instant integration with MIDI keyboards and controllers, a new intuitive file browser, plus a suite of mastering tools for a pleasurable, performance-friendly Reason experience.

  • + Apple Logic Studio

    Logic Studio is a complete set of professional applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform. It’s also the largest collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops ever put in a single box. So it’s easy to get amazing sounds and amazing-sounding recordings. Now you can tackle any stage of your project yourself — without losing your inspiration along the way.

  • + Reaper

    Reaper's no-compromises 64-bit audio engine and 64-bit end-to-end signal path offer the maximum in resolution and headroom. Unlimited track counts, total routing freedom, draggable sends, beat-based audio templates, sidechain support for any plugin - REAPER gives you both power and flexibility.  Reaper is voted the best Digital Audio Workstation by Music Radar.

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