Financing exists to make significant purchases within our reach. Imagine what life would be like if you had to pay cash up front for your home, your car, or in this case - your education.


We understand the pressures students face and will do whatever we can to assist in finding the best way to invest in your future. A Pixel Blue College education will lead to a better job, higher income, and the satisfaction of working in the field you choose.

As Pixel Blue College is a licensed Alberta Education School, students will receive their T2202A form, meaning the tuition is tax deducible. There are a wide variety of funding options available to students which are described below. For more information contact the Cashier’s office.

Your Tuition is An Investment in your Future. The tuition at Pixel Blue College covers the cost of all instruction, textbooks, course materials, and lab times.

Your funding options

Student Line of Credit

Students can obtain a student line of credit (SLOC) through their bank. Once you have your confirmation of enrolment, you can contact you local branch to arrange the SLOC. Each financial institution will have their own criteria for approving such financing and acceptance into Pixel Blue College does not guarantee you will qualify for a LOC.




As Pixel Blue College is an Alberta Advanced Education Licensed school, you can use RRSP's or RESP's to pay for your education.    You can contact the broker or financial institution in which the investment resides, to find out the process to access the funds.



Government Student Loans & Grants

The maximum amount offered in Government Student Loans is around $13,300. First time AND repeat borrowers may be eligible for this yearly ceiling amount. The difference between first time and repeat borrowers relates to the portion of the $13,300 that can be realized in the form of grant. Government of Alberta Site

The Aboriginal Canada Portal

Rupertsland Institute

The Métis Training to Employment Program by Rupertsland Institute identifies and promotes actions that improve education, skills levels and employment opportunities for Métis people, and to manage and deliver programs that enable Métis individuals to pursue education, enhance their skill level, and to find productive and well-paying occupations and employment.


Oteenow Employment & Training Society




Student Aid


  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have protected person status under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Students with a study permit are not eligible.

  • be a resident of Alberta


  • be enrolled as a full-time student taking a minimum 60% of a full course load (40% of a full course load if you are a  student with a permanent disability)


  • be enrolled in an eligible program at an approved post-secondary school


  • have financial need


  • maintain academic progress