Graduate Freelance Companies

Below are graduates from a variety of Pixel Blue College's programs.   These particular graduates are interested in freelance, contract and project work.   Some have listed websites and contact information, so feel free to look at their work and contact them directly.

+ Digital audio production

Morgan Szucs

Valhalla Studios

Ryan Simpson

Singularity Recording

cameron coles

Geoffrey Walter

Joseph Roach

Cold Weather Studios

Daniel Baumann

Zac Dakin

Steve Griffin

Brandon Brett

Desiree Morin

+ Software Development

sean pringle

Jared Eberhardt

Eberhardt Consulting

+ 3D Modeling & Animation

Dave Arscott

derrick hopkins

Braedon de Grasse

Adam Meachem

Sean Niznik

* Pixel Blue College provides this posting service to its graduates free of charge.  Pixel Blue College offers no guarantee on contact, pricing, quality of work or accuracy of information provided.   The individual contractors above are responsible for this.