Pixel Blue College is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, and one of the most multicultural cities in Canada.  The college is a licensed private post-secondary school under the Alberta Government’s Private Vocational Schools Act.

International Students

International Tuition

3D Animation & Modeling - $19,495

Graphic Design & Photography - $16,495

Digital Audio Production - $17,495

2D Animation & Illustration - $17,495

There are several things that make Pixel Blue College’s learning style unique and successful.  The biggest benefit to the college’s program is the immersion style learning in which a maximum of 12 students work in an environment that allows them to create and work as though they are in the real world.   Our courses contain the material that is typically taught in a two-year program but condensed it into 5 or 6 months, depending on the program.


Checklist for International Students

Before Leaving For Canada:

When You Arrive In Canada:


  • Apply for a study permit from Canada Immigration and Citizenship. International students will need a study permit if they plan to study in Canada for more than 6 months, or if they would like to work part time while attending school.  Allow three to four months for your application to be processed.




  • Make travel arrangements: book flights.


  • Make banking arrangements transfer money, purchase traveler's cheques, get credit cards.  Make arrangements to pay tuition.


  • Arrange for accommodation while you are in Canada.


  • Arrange for private health care insurance.



  • Provide all required entry documents to the Canada Immigration officer on arrival.


  • Contact your family to tell them you have arrived safely.


  • Attend the Orientation Program, and sign the Student Contract of Tuition.


  • Get a student student I.D. card (provided at Orientation).


  • Open a bank account.




Below you will find the links to all of the information you need to apply and attend Pixel Blue College as an international student.



Accommodation in Edmonton

Medical Insurance for International Students

banking in Canada

orientation program

Entrance Requirements

Support for International Students

Tuition and Tuition Refunds

student complaints and dispute resolution